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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
answer to one who asked why Lord Grower had not kissed hands sooner—' the Dispensation was not come from Borne13.'
I am writing to you up to the ears in packing: Lord Wilmington has lent this house to Sandys, and he has given us instant warning; we are moving as fast as possible to Siberia,—Sir Eobert has a house there, within a few miles of the Duke of Courland "; in short, child, we are all going to Norfolk, till we can get a house ready in town : all the furniture is taken down, and lying about in confusion. I look like St. John, in the Isle of Patmos, writing revelations, and prophesying ' Woe ! woe ! woe ! the kingdom of desolation is at hand !' indeed, I have prettier animals about me, than he ever dreamt of: here is the dear Patapan, and a little Vandyke cat, with black whiskers and boots; you would swear it was of a very ancient family, in the west of England, famous for their loyalty.
I told you I was going to the masquerade at Kanelagh Gardens, last week: it was miserable ; there were but an hundred men, six women, and two shepherdesses. The King liked it,—and that he might not be known, they had dressed him a box with red damask! Lady Pomfret and her daughters were there, all dressed alike, that they might not be known. My Lady said to Lady Bel Pinch15, who was dressed like a nun, and for coolness had cut off the nose of her mask, ' Madam, you are the first nun that ever I saw without a nose !' . . ,16
is From the Pretender. Lord G-ower had been, until he was made Privy Seal, one of the leading Jacobites ; and was even supposed to lean to that party, after he had accepted the appointment. Walpole.
14 Johann Ernst von Biren (1687-1772), Duke of Courland, favourite minister of Anne, Empress of Bussia (d. 1740); appointed by her Regent of the Empire during the minority of her successor, Ivan VI. He was
seized by Cotmt Munich (ostensibly by order of the mother of Ivan), and exiled to Siberia, whence he was recalled in the same year by the Empress Elizabeth.
15  Lady  Isabella   Finch,   fourth daughter of sixth Earl of Winchel-sea; first Lady of the Bedchamber to   the   Princess   Amelia;    d.   tin-married, 1771.
16 Passage omitted.